About Me

Hi There

My name is Jade. I’m a thirty-something, recently married, born and bred Capetonian formally trained as an accountant and working in finance. If you’ve ever worked in finance (or know many accountants), you’ll know that there is limited scope for creativity in a working day. This blog is the creative outlet for my passion – food.

My love for food started young. My childhood is filled with many happy memories which predominantly revolve around food. My mom is an exceptional cook. Evenings and weekends always included delicious meals, however I was never found in the kitchen, but rather would sit at the counter in my role as chief-taster.

During my years at University I waitressed at a leading Cape Town restaurant. The many hours spent serving customers saw my appreciation for chefs and dining out grow exponentially.

That all said, however, my true passion for eating out and cooking really began when I moved to the Big Smoke to begin my career. My friends and I would relish sharing recipes and cooking for each other on weeknights and spend our weekends seeking out the best Joburg’s restaurant scene had to offer (within the budget of a first year article clerk obviously 😉).

The other great thing about working meant that my travels were no longer of the budget-kind and I graduated from eating baguettes on park benches to decent restaurants. These days planning for each holiday involves a meticulous search for the best places to eat. (at the best value for the good old ZAR).

I hope you enjoy this blog as I share my favourite recipes, some of the people and books that inspire my cooking and some of our favourite restaurants from our travels. I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments or feedback.